The Myanmar Analytics project provides USAID/Burma with up-to-date essential facts and analyses to assist in its goals to strengthen Myanmar’s transition to democracy, expand economic opportunity, improve health and resilience of vulnerable communities, further national reconciliation, and promote greater international cooperation. Through analysis and reporting on events across Myanmar, the Myanmar Analytics project enables USAID/Burma to better address emerging issues, take advantage of opportunities, react to unexpected political and economic events, and understand the impact of their development programs.


Led by USAID/Burma, the Myanmar Analytics project draws on the expertise of Kimetrica and Mekong Economics. Data collectors, remote monitors, analysts, and researchers work together to provide near real time analysis of political, economic, conflict, cultural, and social issues in Myanmar. In-depth analytical reports, published on the website, include:


  • Monthly atmospheric reports detailing emerging conflict, political, economic and social events;
  • Specialized ad hoc reports on new and emerging issues in Myanmar;
  • In-depth analytical special reports on topics of interest identified by USAID/Burma;
  • Satellite imagery analysis; and
  • Geographic data analysis and mapping projects.

The website, developed and maintained by Kimetrica, is a database of real-time news updates; data and reports created by the Myanmar Analytics project; and publicly available studies, research, and data related to the Myanmar Analytics project and USAID/Burma’s work in Myanmar.


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